Blog’s End

Over the last few years, I’ve found myself blogging less and less frequently. Now I’m finally calling time of death on this blog. I’ve left a couple of posts up for nostalgia’s sake, and in a few months I’ll be letting my domain name expire. Thanks for reading. Good night and good luck.


Me, My Mom, and the Terminator

Terminator 2 - Sarah Connor

One of my fondest memories of my mother involves killer robots. It was early July, 1991, and by some set of circumstances I can’t recall my father and sister were not home that day. It was just me and my mom. She made me my favorite dinner (spaghetti and meatballs) and asked if there was a movie I would want to go see. I answered without hesitation: Terminator 2. Continue reading

8 Buzzfeed Lists that Prove Buzzfeed Is the Worst Thing Ever

Few websites have contributed to the dumbing down of the Internet as much as Buzzfeed. More than any other website, they’ve taken the “listicle” format to its ridiculous extremes. What’s worse: it has totally worked for them. Buzzfeed is now one of the most visited destinations on the Internet. What does this mean for humanity? Obviously its swift and terrible demise. Here are eight articles from 2013 that prove Buzzfeed is awful, just awful.

Continue reading