How to Grieve

Charlie Brown, Grieving Good

Let me tell you about one of the worst things I’ve ever done. I was a freshman in college when my first grandparent died. It was my grandfather on my father’s side. I was going to school in Worcester, Massachusetts at the time, and my grandparents had lived in Maine. My parents were flying out from Michigan to attend the funeral, and they flew into Worcester so they could pick me up there and we could all drive up to Maine together. Continue reading


The Perils of Gamification

No Power Glove, No Power Love

We’re living in a time when the rapid proliferation of apps and smart devices is leading us a point in society when every aspect of our lives is broken down into numbers to be dissected, compared, and used for marketing purposes. As invasive as that sounds, we’re allowing it because it has happened under the guise of the Gamification of Everything. Continue reading