An Abbreviated List of the Things We’ve Lost

A first love
A last goodbye
A stolen glance
A close call
A movie premiere
A foul ball
A mosh pit
A dance recital
A coworker
A friend of a friend
A diagnosis
A reconciliation
A breathtaking view
A last chance
A birthday party
A funeral
A warm embrace
A one-night stand
A cup of coffee
A confession
A garage sale
A pinball game
A spelling bee
A graduation
A new dress
A reason to wear it
A father
A mother
A sister
A brother
Et cetera
Et cetera
Et cetera

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: A Primer

Let’s say there’s an intersection on your way to work, and on your first encounter with this intersection you don’t realize it’s a four-way stop so you drive right through it. Someone else honks at you, maybe because they narrowly missed hitting you or you narrowly missed hitting them. Either way, it startles you into realizing the mistake you made. The next time you reach that intersection, the memory of that incident prevents you from making the same mistake again.

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The Infinite Loop and the Authentic Self

In 2020, if you heard someone mention “Groundhog Day,” it was probably in reference to the movie rather than the bizarre annual tradition the movie was named after. Particularly for those of us who were stuck working from home for most of the year, there was a very Groundhog Day quality to waking up day in and day out to the same routine and having little to no in-person contact with the outside world. But beyond the soul-crushing grind of feeling like one was living the same day over and over again, there was the way it forced some of us–or at the very least myself–to confront the ways in which we were living our lives.

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The Stay-at-Home Blues

Let me tell you a realization I had this morning. Actually, maybe it wasn’t this morning. Maybe it happened in my dreams overnight, because it was there in my head when I woke up. The realization is this: I’ve spent the last few days inconsolable with the idea that things will never really go back to the way they were, that our lives and our reality will be forever changed in ways we can only begin to predict. Continue reading “The Stay-at-Home Blues”

True Detective Season 3 and the Recontextualization of Loss

[Warning: This post is going to get real spoilery real fast. Do yourself a favor and go watch season three of True Detective if you haven’t yet. It’s very good. Then come back and read this.] Continue reading “True Detective Season 3 and the Recontextualization of Loss”

Dating Around and the Death of the Ego

Netflix’s Dating Around is a reality show with a very simple premise: Each episode, one person goes on dates with five other people and then decides with whom (if anyone) among that group of five they want to go on a second date. There are some good lessons to be learned from the show, and among them is this: you can’t predict chemistry. Continue reading “Dating Around and the Death of the Ego”

Relaunching the Blog, Stepping Aboard the Airship


Hi everyone,

After neglecting this blog for several years, I’m finally relaunching it with a new design and a new name. Say hello to “The Pop Culture Couch.” Gone is the lack of focus of my old blog, where I wrote about whatever topic I wanted whenever I felt like it with no rhyme or reason. Now I’ll be focusing on looking at issues like mental health, relationships, and self-improvement through the lens of pop culture. It’s pretty much what I do all the time anyway; I just haven’t been great about putting it into writing as of late. Continue reading “Relaunching the Blog, Stepping Aboard the Airship”

Five Alternate Endings for Last Friday Morning

Last Friday morning was a difficult one. A little over nine months after separating from my now ex-wife, I finally made the soul-crushing journey down to the local circuit court to file for divorce. It was an overwhelming experience in many ways. It was expensive. The paperwork was confusing. And worst of all, it meant I could no longer be in denial that our marriage was over. Continue reading “Five Alternate Endings for Last Friday Morning”

Me, My Mom, and the Terminator

One of my fondest memories of my mother involves killer robots. It was early July, 1991, and by some set of circumstances I can’t recall my father and sister were not home that day. It was just me and my mom. She made me my favorite dinner (spaghetti and meatballs) and asked if there was a movie I would want to go see. I answered without hesitation: Terminator 2. Continue reading “Me, My Mom, and the Terminator”