The Perils of Gamification

No Power Glove, No Power Love

We’re living in a time when the rapid proliferation of apps and smart devices is leading us a point in society when every aspect of our lives is broken down into numbers to be dissected, compared, and used for marketing purposes. As invasive as that sounds, we’re allowing it because it has happened under the guise of the Gamification of Everything. Continue reading


Ten Tips for Dealing with Loneliness

Scott Pilgrim Alone in the Desert

What if your whole life you thought you were an introvert and then in your late 30s you discovered you are actually an extrovert who is just terrible at socializing? That’s what happened to me in the last year, through a combination of being dumped and then going to therapy. Now I live by myself most of the time and my primary activity is thinking about how much I don’t like that.

I have, however, learned a little bit about what works and what does not work when it comes to dealing with loneliness, so I thought I would pass along some helpful tips for other lonely people. Continue reading