Louis C.K. Is a Gross Human Being and I’m Depressed

I wasn’t in a great mood today to begin with. I’m sick, one of my cats is sick, and it’s just generally been one of those weeks when it feels like nothing is going my way. But this New York Times article that came out today about Louis C.K. was really the frosting on my bad mood cupcake. It’s not that it was a surprise. After Tig Notaro turned against him, it seemed like only a matter of time until the other shoe dropped. Reading about the extent to which C.K. used his status to sexually abuse women, though, is just stomach turning. Continue reading


The Best of 2014

Last year for my obligatory year-end “best of” post, I wrote about the best songs of 2013. It had been a pretty damn good year for music, so it seemed like a natural choice to focus on that. In 2014… well, I was a bit underwhelmed by most of the music that came out. Not all of it, mind you, but there just wasn’t as much great music as the year before. So to mix it up for the new year, I’m branching out a bit and writing about all of my favorite things of 2014.

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#RatBiteFever and #LSDSteak: The Hilariously Lurid Tabloid Hashtags of Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace is a human parasite. She feeds off of tragedy and human misery to boost her ratings while at the same time positioning herself as a crusader for justice. The results of her crusades speak for themselves, although plenty of other people have spoken about them, too. In short, she’s a terrible person. But terrible people often make for some pretty hilarious Twitter accounts, and Nancy Grace’s Twitter account is the crème de la crème of awfulness.

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Breaking Bad Has Made Me Less Tolerant of Mediocre TV

Breaking Bad

It occurred to me while watching the TV series Hannibal: “This is a really good-looking, artistically done show, but I could not possibly care less about the characters in it.” There are other flaws with Hannibal, too, most of them having to do with plausibility. In the past, I think I would have overlooked these flaws. I might have watched the show for its shock value alone. Who knew that you could get away with such graphic, gruesome violence on network TV? Here’s the thing, though: none of that violence affects me in even the slightest way. It’s so over the top that it’s downright cartoonish. A serial killer who plays his victims’ vocal chords like a cello? Yeah, it’s bloody, but it’s also bloody ridiculous. Contrast that with the violence in Breaking Bad. There has been some pretty gruesome stuff there, too: a corpse being dissolved in acid, a character having his throat slit, another having half his face blown off by a bomb. Yet, none of it has been gratuitous because it has all served the plot, rather than the plot serving it. That’s one difference between a mediocre show like Hannibal and a great show like Breaking Bad. The horror in Breaking Bad feels so much more real, because you’ve come to know and sympathize with the characters. Continue reading