An Abbreviated List of the Things We’ve Lost

A first loveA last goodbyeA stolen glanceA close callA movie premiereA foul ballA mosh pitA dance recitalA coworkerA friend of a friendA diagnosisA reconciliationA breathtaking viewA last chanceA birthday partyA funeralA warm embraceA one-night standA cup of coffeeA confessionA garage saleA pinball gameA spelling beeA graduationA new dressA reason to wear itA fatherA motherA sisterAContinue reading “An Abbreviated List of the Things We’ve Lost”

The Stay-at-Home Blues

Let me tell you a realization I had this morning. Actually, maybe it wasn’t this morning. Maybe it happened in my dreams overnight, because it was there in my head when I woke up. The realization is this: I’ve spent the last few days inconsolable with the idea that things will never really go backContinue reading “The Stay-at-Home Blues”