A Farewell to Tweets

(It's an albatross.)

Well, I finally did it. I deleted my Twitter account. And of course, anytime a blogger deletes a social media account, they need to write a think piece about it. It’s in the terms and conditions. Continue reading


#RatBiteFever and #LSDSteak: The Hilariously Lurid Tabloid Hashtags of Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace is a human parasite. She feeds off of tragedy and human misery to boost her ratings while at the same time positioning herself as a crusader for justice. The results of her crusades speak for themselves, although plenty of other people have spoken about them, too. In short, she’s a terrible person. But terrible people often make for some pretty hilarious Twitter accounts, and Nancy Grace’s Twitter account is the crème de la crème of awfulness.

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